Toll fees

Between February 1, 2019 and January 31, 2020 inclusively, in accordance to the Partnership Agreement between the MTQ (Ministry of Transportation of Quebec) and A30 Express, the following toll fee's apply:

Category 1 vehicle $1.55/axle
Category 2 vehicle $2.30/axle

For example, a passenger vehicle with a height lower than 230 cm will pay $3.10 per crossing.

The 10¢ discount on transactions for category 1 vehicle equipped with valid transponder will remain applicable.

For further information, please check out the full Full Schedule 2019.


Here is an overview of the types of category vehicles:

Category 1
(less than 230 cm in height)
Category 2
(equal to or higher than 230 cm in height)
ex_cat1 ex_cat2

Rebate on the toll rate for our clients with a transponder!

Since February 1st. 2016, a discount of $0.10 per passage is accessible to all Category 1 vehicles with a valid transponder.

For our clients with an eligible vehicle and a valid transponder, the rebate will automatically be applied to the clients' account as of the effective date.

The A30 Express transponder will remain free of charge, therefore without any purchase costs or account maintenance fees