Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality Policy

When you visit this website, and particularly when you send in your comments or questions, A 30 EXPRESS may ask you for certain personal information such as your name and email address. It is also possible that when communicating with A-30 EXPRESS, you may transmit other personal information, in particular to obtain an A-30 EXPRESS transponder or open a client-account. The website may also use cookies to monitor your online activities, including registration and information requests.


Under this policy, “personal information” includes all information, collected in any form, on an identifiable person, or information that may serve to identify someone. This policy does not apply to information collected in any form on more than one person whose identity is unknown or cannot be deduced from this information (“all information”). A-30 EXPRESS reserves the right to use all information in whatever way it deems appropriate.


A-30 EXPRESS makes sure that representatives, contractual agents, or other service providers hired by A-30 EXPRESS on a contractual or other basis and who may be given personal information in order to carry out their duties for A-30 EXPRESS as part of our provision of services or product delivery, protect personal information according to the principles set out in this policy.


Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information. By providing personal information to A 30 EXPRESS, you accept and consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information by A-30 EXPRESS under this information protection policy. If you do not accept these conditions, please refrain from providing personal information to A-30 EXPRESS. Unfortunately, some services cannot be provided without this information. Therefore, if you decide to withhold the required personal information, A-30 EXPRESS may be unable to provide these services.


A-30 EXPRESS collects from individuals or organizations only information that is necessary for responding to queries via the website, including complaints, the issuance of an A-30 EXPRESS transponder and the opening of a client-account. A-30 EXPRESS may also use your personal information to send you new information.


A-30 EXPRESS does not market, sell, or trade personal information for remuneration. Except where allowed by law, no personal information on an individual is collected without his or her prior consent to its collection, use, and disclosure. To the extent possible, personal information will be collected directly from the person concerned.


A-30 EXPRESS may also disclose this personal information to organizations that carry out certain duties for the consortium. Personal information will be transmitted to these organizations only if they agree to use it only to provide services to A-30 EXPRESS, as stipulated by A-30 EXPRESS and according to the principles stated in this policy.
Personal information may also be transferred, in full or in part, to another organization in the case of a merger or change in administration at A-30 EXPRESS, but only if the parties sign an agreement by which the collection, use, and disclosure of this information is limited to the objectives of the commercial transaction, including the decision whether to pursue the commercial transaction, and if this information enables the parties to engage in and conclude a commercial transaction.


Please note that certain circumstances may justify, permit, or oblige us to use or disclose personal information without prior consent. These circumstances may include the following:

  • If a law, order, or demand of a court, administrative office, or administrative tribunal so requires;
  • When A-30 EXPRESS has reasonable cause to believe that it is necessary in order to protect the rights, private life, or the safety or property of an individual or identifiable group; or
  • When this information is already public knowledge.

In the event that A-30 EXPRESS is obliged or permitted to disclose this information without the person’s consent, we will transmit only the information that is required.
Accuracy. A-30 EXPRESS takes reasonable measures to ensure that all personal information it provides is as accurate, up-to-date, and complete as possible for the purposes for which A-30 EXPRESS uses it.
Conservation. A-30 EXPRESS keeps personal information only as long as necessary and only for the purposes for which it was collected. The length of time that personal information is kept varies with the nature of the information and the reasons for which

it was communicated to A 30 EXPRESS. This period may extend beyond the relationship between the individual and A-30 EXPRESS, but only as long as is necessary to collect enough information to answer any question that may subsequently arise. When the personal information is no longer required by A-30 EXPRESS, we have the necessary procedures to destroy, delete, erase, or render the information anonymous.


A-30 EXPRESS currently keeps personal information mainly at its administrative offices at 5388, Pierre-Dansereau avenue, Saint-Timothée (Québec) J6S 0J8 or at the office of the toll plaza located in Les Cèdres (Québec).
Security. A-30 EXPRESS makes every effort to ensure the security of its offices and information storage systems by physical, technical, and procedural means in order to prevent any loss, malicious use, or unauthorized access, communication, or modification of personal information.


A-30 EXPRESS also protects personal information by limiting access solely to employees who, according to A-30 EXPRESS management, need it in order to enable A-30 EXPRESS to provide its services.
As for the communication of personal information to A-30 EXPRESS, please note that no data transmission or storage method is completely secure. Although the physical characteristics of each method are different, information sent by mail, telephone, fax, or online communication can be lost, misdirected, or intercepted and the information used for malicious purposes.


Like many companies, A-30 EXPRESS tries to strike a reasonable balance between security and practicality. When communicating with website users or others, A-30 EXPRESS often requests their permission to use a communication method that is less secure than other less convenient means. For example, we may send an email in the form of unencrypted data, as A 30 EXPRESS considers that most of its website users would have difficulty reading encrypted email. Sending unencrypted email is more practical, but if the email is misdirected or intercepted, it can be read more easily than in encrypted form.


A-30 EXPRESS Website. A-30 EXPRESS provides free access to its website. Our Internet servers collect general information on visitors to the site, such as the domain name of their Internet service provider and the time of their visit. A-30 EXPRESS’s servers also collect information on which pages they visit as well as information provided voluntarily via email. Generally speaking, this information is used solely for the purpose of making the website easier to use and to help us:

  • Manage our website;
  • Identify technical problems; and
  • Improve the content of our website.

Internet users quickly become familiar with the common practice of sending “cookies.” Cookies are files or data that can be recorded on individuals’ hard drives when they visit the site. Most search engines are configured to accept cookies. If you do not wish to accept cookies, you can configure your search engine to reject or notify you of cookies.
Changes to A-30 EXPRESS Practices or to this Policy. This policy is applicable as of November 8, 2012. A-30 EXPRESS will periodically review its practices regarding the security of personal information and this policy, and a notice will be posted on the


A-30 EXPRESS website if any changes are made. Changes in the policy will apply to information collected as of the date the notice is posted on the A-30 EXPRESS website as well as to information already held by A-30 EXPRESS.
Questions. If you have any questions about a) access to personal information, b) the collection, use, or disclosure of personal information, or c) our policy on the security of personal information, please use the information request form to contact the A-30 EXPRESS Customer Service Center.