Green Actions

Think environmentally

Here are 6 tips to save on gas and protect the planet with eco-driving!

Car maintenance

Regular maintenance of a car optimizes the motor's performance, which in turns saves you money and benefits the environment.


A cold engine does not operate efficiently; however, it is useless to let it idle to heat up. Instead, drive gradually to warm it up.

Smooth driving

Smooth driving, without braking abruptly or changing gears too frequently, reduces overheating and wear of the brake system.

Engine speed

Avoid running the motor at full speed. Do not hesitate to check the tachometer more often on your dashboard.

Tire pressure

A vehicle with under-inflated tires consumes more fuel.  A reduction of 60 kPa equates to almost 6% more fuel consumption.

Moderate use of air conditioning

Did you know that to cool the inside of a car by 8 degrees it must consume 16% more fuel if it is equipped with a gasoline engine and 20% more fuel if it is equipped with a diesel engine? Use air conditioning moderately!