What to do in case on an accident?

In case of an accident, you must remain calm, react quickly and remember the three golden rules to apply:

  1. Protect

  2. Notify

  3. Rescue


Protect to avoid worsening the situation


Make your presence known and protect your passengers: turn on hazard lights, make sure all passengers, including the driver, exit the car from the right side and stay on the shoulder as far away as possible from the roadway. Make sure all vehicles involved are turned off (battery) and that their parking brakes are engaged.


At night make sure all involved vehicles are visible: e.g. high beam headlamps of another vehicle parked on the shoulder. Do not disturb the accident scene.


Notify emergency services after quickly assessing the situation

Give the exact location of the accident, type and number of vehicles involved,  circumstances of the accident, number of apparent victims and their state.


Rescue injured people and stay calm

Speak in a positive manner to injured victims; even if they are unconscious they can hear you and may be reassured. Cover them: an injured person in a state of shock is always cold. In general, avoid moving an injured person's head.



  • give an injured person fluids;
  • take a motorcyclist's helmet off;
  • move an injured person or try to extract anyone out of a vehicle (except in extreme danger);
  • transport a severely injured person in their car.