Transponder benefits

The transponder is the easiest and most practical way to save time!

Reserved lanes for tollbooth drive-through without stopping

Your transponder gives you access to reserved lanes. These lanes can easily be identify by their traffic signs and they allow users to drive through the tollbooth without stoping.

When entering a tollbooth lane, your transponder is detected and the barrier automatically opens to let you through. You do not have to open your window or take and keep a receipt. Neither do you have to look for change or count it. It's simple and useful: you will save time!

Here is an example of toll payment via a transponder, the simplest and quickest method.

Drive toward the tollbooth.



Your transponder is detected.




A sufficient balance in your account allows the automatic payment.




The gate opens, the light changes to green, and you can drive through the tollbooth at 20 km/h.